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.com is worldwide the most used top-level-domain. It is so popular that for a lot of people it is synonymous with the internet itself. Of the 183 million domain names that were registered in June 2009, as much as 80 million were .com domain names.

Having your own .com website therefore still leaves the most professional impression. Wich makes a .com website of your own essential for every enterprise aimed at the international market, wether it's a commercial or non-commercial enterprise, or even a hobby site.


.com was one of the original six extensions that were launched together in 1985. Apart from .com, those were .edu, .gov, .mil, .net, .org and .arpa. The idea was that each extension would serve a different purpose and target group: .edu, for example, was meant for education sites, .gov for websites of governments and .com was meant as an extension for companies.

Halfway through the 1990s the rules became less strict and VeriSign, the register of .com., decided to declare .com open for any kind of registration. Since then, the domain can be registered without restriction. In actual practice, the kinds of websites that the domain is being used for differ widely.

A household word

During the explosive growth of online bussiness at the end of the 20th century, .com became such a household word that 'dot-com' became an entry in several English dictionaries. Also the word 'dot-com bubble' became generally accepted. This term indicates the period of 1997 to 2001, when numerous internet companies were founded and the growth of online commerce appeared to be unstoppable.

Since the 'dot-com bubble' it is also common use for some (internet)companies to add '.com' to their company name. Examples of these are bol.com and Amazon.com. So it's safe to say that this domain extension has become a real cultural phenomenon.

Extra discount

Openprovider offers a big discount on the price of .com domain names when you deposit € 5.000 on your account. This discount applies regardless of the amount of domains that you register.

Website: .com

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